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Welcome to Vehicle Handling Solutions Ltd

Vehicle Handling Solutions Ltd offers you a service that can provide the ultimate in driving dynamics, with bespoke ride and handling characteristics tailored to suit your driving style and personal preferences.

Specialists in vehicle chassis set up for road and competition cars.


  • Deliver outstanding driving satisfaction
  • Develop high value bespoke niche products
  • Solve your car's suspension, steering, braking or tyre wear problems.

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Our Background

  • Vehicle Handling Solutions Ltd consists of two highly experienced engineers with a passion for vehicle dynamics.
  • We have been developing road and competition car suspension, steering and braking systems in conjunction with aerodynamics, for over 30 years with much critical acclaim in the media.
  • We have helped develop vehicles for private individuals as well as small and large vehicle manufacturers.
  • We can also help with training in workshop processes for chassis systems development.
  • We can provide seminars on all aspects of vehicle dynamics development.

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